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Symantec Security Check ActiveX Buffer Overflow
  Author: Anonymous
Added: 06/26/2003
Type: Advisory
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Symantec Security Check ActiveX Buffer Overflow

Title:    Symantec Security Check ActiveX Buffer Overflow

Date:     Monday, June 23, 2003 09:15:19 PM
Threat:   Moderate
Impact:   System Access
Product:  Symantec Security Check

Situation Overview:
Symantec Security Check is a free web-based tool that enables users
to test their computer's exposure to a wide range of on-line threats.
As part of running the check, users may install an ActiveX Control
which remains on the user's system even after the check has

The current ActiveX Control - which can be named Symantec RuFSI
Utility Class or Symantec RuFSI Registry Information Class - contains
a buffer overflow exploit. The buffer overflow can be exploited when
the user with this ActiveX Control visits a malicious website intent
on exploiting this vulnerability. The exploit can cause Internet
Explorer to crash and/or the execution of arbitrary code on the
user's computer.

Symantec has replaced the current ActiveX Control on the Symantec
Security Check website so that new visitors will not be affected by
the exploit.

Recent visitors to Symantec Security Check should revisit the site
and run a new Security Scan. By running a new scan, the previous
ActiveX Control will be replaced by an updated ActiveX Control that
fixes the buffer overflow condition.

Advanced users can attempt to delete the ActiveX Control by rebooting
and then going into the system folder: %SystemRoot%\Downloaded
Program Files\ and delete "rufsi.dll". This must be done by
using the
command prompt and the user must not be on the Symantec Security
Check site at the time.

Symantec was made aware of Symantec Security Check's ActiveX buffer
overflow vulnerability today through a public posting on the
Internet. Since hearing of the exploit Symantec has worked diligently
to replace the ActiveX Control on Symantec Security Check. Through
Symantec's customer support, we are working with users who may have
downloaded the exploited ActiveX Control to remove it from their
systems. Although Symantec Security Check is available to both PC and
Mac users, this issue only affects PCs.

Symantec Vulnerability Response Process:
Symantec is a strong supporter of responsible disclosure. It is our
goal to establish a working relationship with researchers who
discover vulnerabilities in Symantec products and to develop, test
and make available updates prior to there being publicly disclosed.
It is ours as well as much of the security communities belief that
premature disclosure can pose a serious threat to the internet. Such
disclosure should be discouraged.

Symantec Security

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