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Nessus NASL scripting engine security issues
  Author: Ravish Ahuja
Added: 05/24/2003
Type: Advisory
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Linux RedHat 7.2

$ nasl -v | grep nasl
nasl 2.0.5

Vendor Status
New nessus 2.0.6 packages fixes these issues.

Make sure the option 'plugins_upload' is set to 'no' in nessusd.conf and
don't run unstrusted nasl scripts.

Hank Leininger <[email protected]> requested the source code audit
for some opensource projects and for nessus in particular.

Sir Mordred <[email protected]> discovered the issues.

Renaud Deraison <[email protected]> fixed them in an hour after being

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 Nessus NASL scripting engine security issues

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