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Bug found in: Polymorph 0.4.0
  Author: Ravish Ahuja
Added: 05/24/2003
Type: Advisory
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     Polymorph is a filesystem "unixier" (a Win32 -> Unix filename convertor)
     When downloading images from Usenet alot of filenames are mangled by MS Outlook
     and other, less caring, newsagents.
     There could be files with strange names like C:\\PIX\\HUBBLE\\Eagle\ Nebula\ 0532.JPG
     and this, of course, is unacceptable.
     Polymorph looks in the current working directory and finds strange filenames like this.
     It then renames the file after converting all the characters to lowercase and
     trimming the cruft from the original.
     The previous example turned out to have the name eagle_nebula_0532.jpg which is
     much more useful.

     Polymorph contains an unchecked buffer in the "-f file" option,
     this can be exploited very simple.

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