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Easy to switch to vi mode
The readline support in the bash shell defaults to emacs editing mode. You can easily switch that to vi mode by issuing the following command: set -o vi.
Kernel Compilation under Linux
This tutorial is based on a 2.4.19 kernel. It will help you installing your kernel easiely and securly. From the configuration of the kernel to the set of bootloaders, the tutorial makes an overview of all you need to know to compile a kernel without any effort.
Useful shell functions
These common but useful shell functions will let you complete your task much easier on command line on a unix system.
Reading Windows partition
Want to read your windows partition from linux? Here is how to do that.
Installing ssh and sshd
Use of telnet is not that secure as you may think as telnet's sessions can be easily hijacked. So, you can improve your security by moving on to a secure & encrypted network with ssh.
Forgot your root password?
Forgot your root password? Don't worry, here is how to set a new password without knowing the old one.
Password protecting LILO
The security of a Linux box can be increased by password protecting the boot loader. This tutorial explains how to password protect one of the most popular boot loader called LILO.
Message Broadcasting
This little trick will let you know that how you can print your messages at users terminal using "wall" and "rwall".
Message of the day
Want to print the policies of your company or any other message at login? This tip tells you how to do that.


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