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PHP-Nuke mail CRLF Injection vulnerabilities
PHP-Nuke is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is a very popular program with lots and lots of installations. It is included as one of the packages in Debian GNU/Linux and one of FreeBSD's ports. Despite all this, the program has a bad reputation regarding security matters.
Creating a simple mail bomber in PHP
This mail bomber is just been made to teach you that how you can use PHP's mail() function to send emails. I know that there are many bugs in this mail bomber. I tried to write the code as short as possible so that you can understand easily. If you want me to write a more functional & complex script without such bugs and security flaws then send me a request, I may do one for you If I get some time.
Time taken by a PHP script
On many sites you must have noticed a message at the bootom of the page which looks something like "This page was created in 0.2365 seconds".


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